Animation & Video

With a background in Flash-based animation and interactive applications, we naturally transitioned into video production and animation for some of South Africa’s biggest brands. We believe video is a powerful medium to connect with audiences. We have a passion for condensing complex information into rich, powerful stories that engage and educate.

In the video below, we were commissioned to create a ground-breaking 3D visualisation of the birth process. Mediclinic used this video to prepare mothers for the birth of their babies. Click on the video to watch it.

Futuregrowth is South Africa’s largest investment company. They approached us to help explain how some of their investments work. With wonderful illustrations by the Madam & Eve cartoonist Rico, we created an animated explainer that helps investors understand how their funds bring them returns that are good for them and for the country. Click on the video to watch it.

OfficeBox had a revolutionary new idea to shake up a traditional market. We created this video for them as a sales tool. Click on the video to watch it.

MXIT Reach was a wonderful social change initiative that was birthed out of the local, highly popular MXIT messaging platform. With a user base of 1,2 million at the time, we were tasked to showcase the work that Reach was doing. They continue today as The Reach Trust, and to date have made a difference in the lives of 10 million young South Africans. Click on the video to watch it.

Mediclinic is one of the largest hospital groups in the world. We helped create animations for their international video, intended for clients and stakeholders around the world. Click on the video to watch it.

When Metropolitan and Momentum merged into MMI Holdings, they needed a tool to explain the reasons for the merger to their stakeholders. We were approached to create an animated explainer for them. Click on the video to watch it.