Digital Design

We pride ourselves in our ability to speak to any target market in any part of the world. We have crafted design with teams and clients from every continent (except Antarctica – we’re working on that!). We deliver in multiple mediums and understand the full spectrum of digital and traditional media.

Miracle Interactive has been involved in numerous projects for Save The Children, and through this connection have done work for multiple organisations, including WHO, UNICEF, LSHTM, and The Lancet, the world’s leading medical journal. Using both digital and print mediums, these projects have had far-reaching effect.

Born Too Soon, a report and action plan that was set to help health facilities save millions of lives around the globe, was a collaboration of almost 50 NGOs. Miracle Interactive was brought on board to complete the design and layout of the report and ensure the final product was of the highest standard.

Launched at UN headquarters, the report garnered the attention of 1 billion people.

We’ve developed branding and CI for numerous local and international organisations. From logo design to full corporate identities, packaging, and even rollout of stores.

From local community organisations, festivals and expos, to international projects; from projects involving famous dignitaries to projects that impact insignificant local villages – we love getting involved in design that makes a difference!